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Contact Information

Coordinator: Rev. Antonius Ho, CSJB          140-10 34th Avenue 
Associates:  Rev. Edward Zhang, CSJB         Flushing, NY 11354 
                    Rev. Victor Cao, CSJB 
Pastoral Assistant: Sr. Monica Gan, CST         Tel. (718) 961-0714

~~~ New Mission -- Vocational Plan ~~~~~~~~

The shortage of vocations to priesthood and religious life in the church, especially in the Chinese communities is one of our major concerns that affect our faith and the evangelization.  As a Chinese community of the Diocese of Brooklyn for over 30 years, one of our priority goals is to raise a greater understanding of the value of vocations in our Chinese community; especially the promotion of the priesthood and religious life with the hope that a greater number of young people will reflect more deeply on these vocations as life choices.

Goal 1

Establish a Chinese Vocation Committee so as to cooperate and develop the spiritual programs for the youth of the community.

1 Year Objectives:
  1. Ask all parishioners to support the need of Vocations in their daily prayers.
  2. Have at least one member of each of the different groups join in the Vocation Committee.
  3. Have members of the Vocation Committee attend monthly meeting and pray for vocations to priesthood and religious life.

Goal 2

Recruit the Chinese Youth Group

1 Year Objectives:
  1. Invite all young people to attend Sunday Mass and monthly youth activities.
  2. Form and train an Altar Servers Group.
  3. Hold a Vocation workshop to introduce and educate young people on the Priesthood and Religious Life.

Goal 3

Promote vocation to the priesthood and religious life in Chinese people 

1 Year Objectives:
  1. Visit families and talk to parents about the need of Vocations and how they can support this concern.
  2. Have two pulpit talks in Chinese on Vocations to Priesthood and Religious Life during Sunday Mass.
  3. Organize “Come & See” Days in summer.

Our Lady of China ~ Pray for us

1. Greatest challenge of Evangelization:  to take serious steps to –

       *  Plan

       * Set goals,

       * Equip people with series

2. Comes out of a relationship

                3. Be a "Core Nuclear" Christian

  • Faith ~ Total 
  • Love ~ True 
  • Hope ~ Constant

Total Sacrifice ~ True Love ~ Constant Joy

FISHERS OF MAN  ~ A Call for Evangelization

1.        Small Christian-Based Community

§         Disciple is mission

§         Bible Sharing Group

2.        RCIA and remembering church (returning Catholics)

3.        Adult Faith Formation Program

§         Leadership in lay people, discernment vocation  for lay people

4.        Family – Centered Religious Education (at home)

5.        Social Justice Efforts

Our Lady of China ~~~ Pray for us

  1. Following up Sacramental Moment on-          Young parents
  2. Scripture Study Groups
  3. Legion of Mary
  4. Gift Discernment Programs
  5. Ming Yuan Family
  6. 1-1 Door-to-Door Evangelization

Who is going to do it ?  -  People themselves!